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Smithsonian 16th Annual Photo Contest

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Smithsonian.com’s 16th Annual Photo Contest begins March 27, 2018, and ends November 30, 2018, at 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. By submitting an entry, each contestant agrees to the rules of the contest and states that he or she is 18 years old or older.


Who May Enter:

The contest is open to photographers who are 18 years old or older.


What To Enter:

The following six contest categories are drawn from subjects of special interest to Smithsonian.com:

1.NATURAL WORLD: Animals, plants and landscapes; geological or climatological features; and scientific processes and endeavors.

2.TRAVEL: Locales, peoples or activities in the United States and abroad that convey a sense of place.

3.PEOPLE: Portraits and photos of groups or individuals.

4.THE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE: Events, objects or activities connecting the American people to their history or their cultural heritage; photographs that tell us what it means to be an American and provide a sense of what it is like to live in this country.

5.ALTERED IMAGES: Photographs manipulated for artistic purposes by applying digital and/or traditional special effects (i.e., colorizing, toning, collage, photo composites, HDR, etc.).

6.MOBILE: Any photograph taken with a mobile device (phone or tablet).


Image Requirements:

To be eligible for any category, a photograph must have been shot by the entrant since January 1, 2016.

Cropped photos are eligible in all categories. We do not accept digitally or otherwise enhanced or altered photos, except for those entered in the Altered Images. Minor adjustments, including spotting, dodging and burning, sharpening, contrast and slight color adjustment or the digital equivalents are acceptable for all categories. If the judges determine that a photographer has altered his or her photo, they reserve the right to move the photo to Altered Images or to disqualify it.

Photos that contain sexually explicit, nude, obscene, violent or other objectionable or inappropriate content, as determined by the Smithsonian in its sole discretion, are ineligible for all categories of this contest.


How To Enter:

Please submit photographs and requested information online through our website at smithsonian.com/photocontest. You may submit no more than 15 photographs per category for a contest total of 90 submissions. In order to be displayed in our online gallery without being stretched or distorted, photographs must be submitted in .jpeg, .jpg or .gif format, edited for web in sRGB color space, at least 2,000 pixels wide and no larger than 10 MB. You must complete a separate form for each photo submitted.


Entry Deadline:

November 30, 2018.



Eight prizes will be awarded, as follows:


CATEGORY WINNERS: The winners of each of the six categories will receive $500.

READERS' CHOICE: The winner of the online Readers’ Choice award will receive $500.

One cash prize per person; winners may receive additional noncash prizes. Winners must sign a release and license, as well as a declaration of eligibility, and will be responsible for paying any notary public fees or taxes they may owe on a prize.

ONLINE FEATURES:  The Smithsonian may select photos for highlight on its website or display in a publicly accessible contest archive; such selections will be made in the Smithsonian’s sole discretion.


Read more: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/photocontest/rules/#pvPIMCgkcz7rJJ7S.99

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