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Knotted Gun and Crooked Key

Date:2018-01-17 13:45Source:By:Yi ZengEditor:DaisyViews:16266
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Last winter I was invited to attend the Inauguration ceremony of Milot’s sculpture “Crooked Key” and the opening ceremony of my solo work exhibition in Cervinara, Italy. Milot’s “Crooked Key” has been participate in many international exhibition, meanwhile obtain a lot of honors and prizes, it should be considered as a master work or logo of Milot. Many people have seen the “Crooked Key” sculptures in public spaces or exhibitions before they know milot. Actually, There are quite a lot of sculptures that is themed at key, but Milot might be the first sculptor to use “Crooked Key” to creation.

A few years ago, when I first time saw the “Crooked Key”, the famous sculpture "Knotted Gun" in front of the UN headquarters in New York came to my mind. The “Knotted Gun" is a pro-peace sculpture by Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswrd, it was given to the UN by the government of Luxembourg in 1988. The sculpture passes the meaning of prohibiting wars, killings and pledging peace. That's why put “Knotted Gun” in front of the UN headquarters. I believe Milot has been learning the meaning of the “Knotted Gun”. But gun is totally different from key, it is used for opening a door, also like a code to open someone’s mind,we can't live without keys. I guess everyone has a special key to open the door of the heart and the gate of wisdom.

I believe some of you might read the famous Homer’s Odyssey and know the faithful woman Penelope. Penelope has been keeping her fidelity to her husband when he was absent. There is a plot in the Odyssey that Penelope tries to use the strategy “stringing the bow” to refuse her suitors. Penelope used a bronze crooked key with an ivory handle to open the safety box to get the important solid bow. I do not know if Milot read this plot in Odyssey and impressed by Penelope. However, he uses his own “Crooked Key” to open the door of the artistic creation and make himself more glorious.

Mliot is a sagacity, industrious, and remarkable artist. His works has been demonstrated all over the world. Various awards and honors he won show the acknowledgement and respects of the whole society. When people see the “Crooked Key” of different styles and textures in stations, squares and city halls, they will do the same as Penelope who uses the crooked key to open her heart and the door of wisdom. I hope Milot could bring his crooked key to those who want to open their minds. I wish people will have a crooked key to open the door of their heart also open their doors of wisdom.


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