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Photo Tours along the ‘Belt and Road’ Led by Chinese Photographers

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In order to actively participate in and fufil the national “Belt and Road” development,  implement the Ministry of Culture's Action Plan for Belt and Road Cultural Development, and carry out“Silk Road Cultural Tours”activities, as well as promote cultural, artistic and non-governmental exchanges among “Belt and Road” countries and regions, “Photo Tours along the ‘Belt and Road’ Led by Chinese Photographers”, organized by Chinese Artistic Photography Society and Silk Road Photographic Organization International Alliance (SRPOIA) , began on April 20th of 2018, and embarked on a journey along Myanmar, Bangladesh, India and Egypt. 

On May 6th, we visited the studio of Lotfy, a master photographer in Egypt who has won the Mozi International Master Photographer Awards at the Jinan International Photography Biennale in 2008, and participated in the Jinan Biennial for three consecutive years. 

From India to Cairo, we saw his works hanging everywhere at the airport. The two parties conducted friendly communication. He said that he would introduce young photographers in Egypt to participate in the Silk Road Youth International Photography Competition. He is a professor at the Egyptian University and he will organize university students to take part. 

At the same time, he expressed his willingness to participate in all the activities of the SRPOIA in order to strengthen the cultural exchanges between Egypt and China. 

The photographers of the Chinese Artistic Photography Society also visited El Basha Alaa, the FIAP liaison officer in Eygpt. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges, and said that the Egyptian Photographic Association would actively participate in the SRPOIA activities, Beijing International Photography Week and Jinan International Photography Biennale, as well as actively organize young photographers to participate in the SRPOIA competitions, so as to constantly promote exchanges and cooperation between photographers from Egypt and China. The delegation also visited Egyptian museums and libraries, and the villages along the banks of the Nile to experience and document the local life of Egyptian farmers.



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