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Dog Photographer of the Year 2018

Date:2018-08-15 10:42Source:theguardian.comBy:EleanorEditor:Views:3432
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The Kennel Club has announced the winners of its Dog Photographer of the Year competition. Monica van der Maden was the overall winner with an image of Noa the Great Dane seemingly alone in a forest.

 First place, Puppies


Photo by Klaus Dyba

Klaus Dyba from Germany took this photograph of Ceylin, a three-month-old Italian greyhound


First place, Dogs at Work

Photo by Tracy Kidd

A group shot of spaniels and retrievers after a hard day's work, by Tracy Kidd from the UK


Second place, Dogs at Work

Photo by Richard Lane

Tarly, an English springer spaniel, in Ashdown Forest in the UK. Taken by Richard Lane


Third place, Dogs at Play

Photo by Sarah Beeson

Sarah Beeston took this photo of Nova Scotia duck tolling retrievers Daffy, Taz, and Wile E playing with a frisbee in Indiana, US


Judges'mention, Portrait

Photo by Jonathan Yearsley

Jonathan Yearsley took this image of Tatti, an English cocker spaniel


Judges'mention, Dogs at Work

Photo by Leslie Plesser/Shuttersmack LLC

Thoven the golden retriever, by Leslie Plesser in the US


Judges'mention, Dogs at Play

Photo by Darren William Hall

Ted, a miniature poodle, slams on the brakes on the beach at Whitley Bay, UK


First place, Portrait

Photo by Carol Durrant

Three flat-coated retrievers – Crew, Darcie and Pagan – by Carol Durrant from the UK


First place, Rescue

Photo by Sonya Kolb

Sonya Kolb from New Jersey in the US took this portrait of Cooper, a Labrador retriever mix, with his new owners


Second place, Puppies

Photo by Charlie Nunn

Beagle mix puppies taken by Charlie Nunn in the US


Judges'mention, Portrait

Photo by Viktoria Baranova

Yorkshire terrier Amy by Viktoria Baranova from Estonia


First place, Man's Best Friend

Photo by Joana Matos

An image of Godji, taken by Joana Matos from Portugal


Second place, Oldies

Photo by Rachele Z Cecchini

Rescue dog Nilo, by Rachele Z Cecchini from Austria



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