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PhotoIreland Foundation Projects 2018

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PhotoIreland Foundation is dedicated to stimulating a critical dialogue around Photography in Ireland, and to internationally promoting the work of Irish-based artists. We ensure that a healthy ecosystem of practices is not silenced by lack of opportunities by offering frequent publishing and exhibiting opportunities to emerging artists.


2018 Schedule:

1-31 January The Library Project closes. Research

1-11 February  The Lyme Bay Trials, Dara McGrath.

12-25 February Året, København 2018 Book Launch

1-25 March  Gaelic Fields, Paul Carroll

7 March Launch of Flux

19 April Photobook launch: Buddleia, Eric van Kampen

23 April-4 May How to Flatten a Mountain

26 April-29 May Magazine launch and exhibition: Junior Issue 3

1-31 May PhotoIreland Festival 2018: On Abortion

31 May-24 June Moyross Study, Jamin Keogh

25 June-1 July Pride Week: Brian Teeling

5-29 July At Mirrored River, Enda Bowe

2-26 August Lay Her Down Upon Her Back, Roisín White

1-31 September The Library Project closes. Research

8-14 September PhotoIreland at Parallel: Intersection 18 at Organ Vida, Zagreb

20-23 September PhotoIreland at UNSEEN Amsterdam

4-21 October Inspirational Arts Photography Award 2018

1-25 November HALFTONE Print Fair

22-25 November Dublin Photobook Fair

29 November-30 December Contemporary Irish photography showcase


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