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Pingyao photography festival scheduled for September

Date:2018-07-20 10:21Source:By:EleanorEditor:Views:4828
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The 18th China Pingyao International Photography (PIP) Festival will be held on Sep 19, according to a press briefing held on July 16. 

This year's event has a theme of innovation and sharing, with around 1,600 photographers and artists from more than 30 countries around the world expected to attend. The exhibition will focus on the changes that have taken place in China, as well as focusing on the traditions that the country has retained.

This year, Pingyao plans to work with international photography agencies to improve the quality of its exhibition. It has reached a cooperation agreement with Global Photography to share their resources. Global Photography will establish a bilingual website of the Pingyao International Photography Festival, so that the event will obtain a global exposure, and photographers who cannot attend the festival can also have an online access to the event.

Global Photography holds 12 photography events every year, attracting photographers and travelers alike from 174 countries. The total number of online photos has reached more than one million, and there are more than 100 high-level art schools and institutes as its members. Besides, Global Photography will establish a training base and a tourism base in Pingyao to promote the festival on the international stage both online and offline. This is another innovation of the festival.

China Pingyao International Photography Festival was initiated in 2001, and is being hosted for the 17th consecutive year. The event is one of the most important celebrations of photographers' work worldwide.



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