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The first meeting of the presidium of SRPOIA held in Beijing

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The first meeting of the presidium of Silk Road Photographic Organization International Alliance. Photo by Hou Bo

On the morning of July 22, 2018, the first meeting of the presidium of Silk Road Photographic Organization International Alliance (hereinafter referred to as SRPOIA) was held in Beijing. It was attended by Riccardo Busi, President of the Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique (hereinafter referred to as FIAP), Ioannis Lykouris, Secretary General of FIAP, Yang Yuanxing, Chairman of the China Artistic Photography Society, Wang Jianqi, Vice Chairman of the China Artistic Photography Society, David Tay Poey Cher, Director of Promotion and Cooperation Department and Board Member of FIAP, Sergey Majorov, Vice President of the Creative Union Photoart, Russia, Liu Fusheng, President of the International Club, Global Photography, and Ren Shugao, Former Chinese Liaison Officer of FIAP. Zeng Yi, Executive Chairman of SRPOIA and President of Shandong Eastern International Photography Art Association, presided over the meeting.

Yang Yuanxing, Chairman of the China Artistic Photography Society, first delivered a speech: In today’s world, mankind has entered a new era of political multipolarity and cultural diverisity, and is undergoing profound changes. Facing reality and future, opportunities and challenges, countries all over the world need to be more united and co-exist in peace. SRPOIA, a non-profit international alliance organization, will strive to promote the Silk Road Spirit to focus on Silk Road countries, to deepen innovative cooperation, and to bring mutual benefits to all parties. SRPOIA also strives to respect, inherit and spread cultural heritage of member countries along the Silk Road. Through the cultural exchanges of photography field and use of internet and other advanced technology, SRPOIA will promote multicultural cross-border integration and innovative development, and strengthen mutual understandings and cultural exchanges between SPROIA member countries and regions, thus enhancing the global influence of SPROIA, forging a new platform for international and regional photographic art exchange, cooperation, and promoting the establishment of international cultural brands of different nationalities.

Representatives vote on the by-law (draft) . Photo by Hou Bo

The representatives vote unanimously to approve the by-law. Photo by Hou Bo


At the meeting, Chairman Zeng Yi read out the by-law (draft) of the Silk Road Photographic Organization International Alliance. The representatives voted unanimously, and the permanent council of the SRPOIA examined and adopted the by-law.

Then Yang Yuanxing read out the list of members of the SRPOIA Presidium. Riccardo Busi, Honorary President of SRPOIA, and Yang Yuanxing, President of SRPOIA, issued the letter of appointments to each other and to other members of the presidium.

Riccardo Busi, Honorary President of SRPOIA, and Yang Yuanxing, President of SRPOIA, issue letter of appointments to other members of presidium. Photo by Hou Bo

Liu Fusheng, President of the International Club, Global Photography, accepts the letter of appointment. Photo by Zhao Wei


Later, Wang Jianqi, Vice President and Secretary General of SRPOIA, made a report on the work of SRPOIA in the past year and its future plan: As the first major international event after the founding of the Alliance, the Silk Road Youth International Photography Competition has received strong support from China’s Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Tourism and SRPOIA, and has been recognized as an annual event for the Alliance. The competition has received a total of 157,988 pieces (groups) from 61,006 participants from 52 countries and regions. The winning works will be exhibited at the Royal Palace Museum in Caserta, Italy, in December this year. In addition, the Alliance will hold regular exhibitions such as the "One Belt and One Road Thematic Exhibition", "Intangible Cultural Heritages in Silk Road Countries Exhibition" and "World Heritage and Natural Landscape on the Silk Road". The Alliance will organize delegations to travel to Silk Road countries, in order to show the traditional culture of each nation in the form of photography, and preserve the common cultural heritage and spiritual wealth of mankind. 

At the end of the meeting, Ioannis Lykouris, Permanent President of SRPOIA, said: With the "One Belt, One Road" initiative focusing on the economic field, and in a world characterized by cultural diversity, the development of photography in the "Belt and Road" countries is indispensable. All members of the presidium of SRPOIA are responsible for promoting photographic cultures in accordance with the aims and tasks of SRPOIA, as well as drafting and implementing the Alliance Programs. As the permanent president of SRPOIA, I am very proud as we have a group of excellent Chinese photographic culture promoters. SRPOIA's 2018 work plan fully demonstrates the common aspiration of SRPOIA and its presidium members, which is to encourage photographers in the Silk Road countries to communicate with each other through photography. Finally, I would like to thank all the members of the presidium for their contributions to achieving the goals of the Alliance. With joint efforts, the Alliance will actively promote the multicultural integration and development of the "Belt and Road" countries and enhance mutual understanding and friendship among member organizations.  

Riccardo Busi and Liu Fusheng. Photo by Zhao Wei

Group photo of the presidium. Photo by Hou Bo

Supported and directed by the Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique (FIAP), the SRPOIA is a non-governmental, non-community organization, and non-profit consortium jointly initiated by all members of FIAP board, delegates of photographic organizations worldwide, and representatives of related Chinese photographic organizations and institutions,functioning as a communication platform for photographic organizations and photographers of countries alongside the Belt and Road Initiative and related countries. The Alliance upholds the B&R spirits (i.e. “the peaceful cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning, mutual benefit and win-win”), and actively promote the prosperity and development of photographic endeavor worldwide.




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