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Invitational Exhibition: “From Chang'an to Rome -- China-Italy College Photography Invitational Exhibition” Ⅳ

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Sun Yang

Each coin has two sides; in the consumer society, consumer goods are destined to be wasted the moment they are produced. Considering the destination and the distribution process of consumer goods, the author utilized things from day to day life and the unique aesthetic trait of Polaroid film to display innumerable consumer goods.

Wang Yanni

With the development of photography technology, the doubt on photographic authenticity has never stopped. My creation has tried to take the authenticity of images as a breakthrough, not only filming the real haze and fog, but also producing the images by real haze and fog. Through classifying, distilling, grinding, mixing, printing and testing the dust collected from different places of Beijing, I manually print the landmarks of Beijing by adjusting different playmaking methods, to express the real landscape and also the strong feeling of the viewers. I did this to restore reality by using documentary photography, rather than focus on the photo information behind the images, which is more important to present the essence of haze and fog and pursue the authenticity of  the photographic works.

Yan Baoshen

《The Form of time》  sources to the youth memories in the real life. The author selects a representative of typical objects, using special liquid materials on its surface were processed repeatedly, by morphological reconstruction to metaphor " The influence of time on real life."

Zhang Kai


Utopia refers to people's motivation to escape from the dilemma of real life due to the contradictory pressure of the city.

During the postgraduate period, I made a systematic study of art history, among which I was very interested in the work of the 19th century French painter Bouguereau. He has a natural instinct, and his works are full of strong local flavors. The children in the works are like angels. This is quite different from the various normalities that have emerged in the current development of human cities. Therefore, I created a series of works with my personal pursuit of idealization and understanding of the current living environment.

First of all, I once again copied and drew the works of Bouguereau, retaining the background of the works, but drawing out the angel-like characters.

Then, I visited some of the families in cities with my works, and talked with the family members about their urban life. Then I chose the urban scenery nearby and placed my works there. Finally, the children in the family are photographed and recorded in front of my works.

Such a group of photographic works creates a contrast and combination between the current urban living environment and the ideal state pursued by the individuals. Through this work, I  stimulate people to think about the problems of the current living environment and bring up the question of what changes we can bring to the next generation.

Li Pai

❖ 2008-2012 study in new media art studio in HIFA

❖ 2012-2014 The central committee has delegated youth cultural exchange to the European Union

❖ 2015-2018 Majoring in photography at CAFA

❖ 2018 working in Tsinghua University



❖ The ChongQing Yangtze international image biennial exhibition  

❖ Daegu Photography Biennale exhibition

❖ HFG Photography exhibition

Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts, referred to as Tsinghua Academy of fine arts, is the two grade college of Tsinghua University. Formerly the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts, founded in 1956, November 20, 1999, the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts formally merged into Tsinghua University, renamed the Academy of Fine Arts Tsinghua University. Deng Jieren, President, vice president of Lei Guiyuan and Pang Xunren. The investor is composed of teachers from the Department of Applied Arts, East China Branch of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, the Department of Applied Arts of the Central Academy of Fine Arts and the Department of Construction of Tsinghua University, as well as experts returning from overseas studies. On November 1, the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts held its inaugural ceremony on the 75th of Baiduizi, Beijing, which was the first university of Arts and crafts in China. At present, the Institute has 11 teaching units, with 25 undergraduate professional directions, 1 post-doctoral research mobile station, 3 first-class disciplines, 1 national key disciplines, 4 key disciplines in Beijing, 198 teachers, 1108 undergraduates (113 of whom are foreign students), 849 postgraduates (170 of whom are doctoral students, 25 of whom are overseas students.)

Lin Yuhan

I photographed the continually emerging landscapes in the city. But it does not mean to show its decline or absurdity, even if it seems ridiculous. I chose to even exaggerate their most touching moments and treat them more tolerant. At the same time, placing people and landscapes in an equally important position, trying to restore a "real" scene, hope to find its value. I hope to build a poetic picture that is even strange and beautiful. It is both surreal and realistic.

Jiao Jian

Those indescribable objects, that is, life and death, also life and death objects, which are at a critical point, are the subjects of my greatest interest.In 2009, I designed and built a camera that could take more than 24x24 inches of super-large negative. It was actually a wheel-mounted imaging device that was confined to the studio because it could not go out and move. In such a "camera", the photo seems to become more serious. The series is directly photographed from 24 inch photographic paper and contacted with silver foil paper.I used photographic paper as a photosensitive material instead of a negative. These selected photographic papers were more than 30 years old, because some reason has been preserved to this day, but still have photosensitive ability, and now it finally met the fate of light to complete it. It seemed to me that the mysterious glow of its image came from itself, and that wrapped and melted these unnamed objects.

Ou Junyi

The physical characteristics of the growing self and the specific living environment around it change over time in a variety of ways, just like the hair scattered? I use silk-like image symbolic language as a link between these changes, using blue light, scanning and long-term exposure and so on. Time-related media shooting techniques, and then through some low-contrast and saturation image processing, in the delicate relationship between the concrete and abstract, metaphor of the endless life, complex interpersonal relationships and mind spreads constantly divergent thoughts.

Title: looming

Materials: Mixed Media

Size: 76*95cm

Year of creation: 2018

Title: looming

Materials: Mixed Media

Size: 76*95cm

Year of creation: 2018

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